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Out of the Box Marketing, founded in the same year as Google, is among the early adapters in the web marketing industry. Through extensive research and experimenting, Oregon natives Eileen Traylor and her business partner Laura Winkleblack learned the fundamentals of influencing internet search engines with the right mix of web page keywords and optimization of website's architecture along with many other considerations that drive search engine results. Local businesses began to take notice when they saw the significant increase in website traffic and a positive impact on sales and conversions.

Eileen's work philosophy has always been centered on what is known in our industry as "White Hat Marketing", i.e. building strategies that will work for the long run and avoiding fads, shortcuts and quick fixes. "We believe that you cannot buy trust, but you can earn it," she says. "Our clients trust us to implement sound strategies that will be effective over time. In return, they reward us with their ongoing loyalty."


Like the internet itself, the business evolved to stay current and added additional services for clients like pay per click advertising (PPC), email marketing campaigns, local search and more. In 2008 Out of the Box was among the first web marketing agencies to offer clients professional social media and content marketing services. 

Eileen has enjoyed a 20+ year career with online marketing and has now turned the reins over to her daughter, Amy Dunn, and business partner Danielle Dewey to lead the company and continue our long tradition of "White Hat Marketing", staying true to our fundamentals. 

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